Boiler Water Management - Chemical Control & Boiler Integrity

Is your chemical treatment program optimised?

  • CORE Water chemical treatment programs aim to maintain deposit free heat transfer surfaces by providing protection against corrosion and scale deposition.
  • CORE Water Polymers actively bind hard water ingress forming sludge which is removed during normal operational blowdown.
  • CORE Water Alkalinity Builders hold Silica in solution eliminating the formation of Silica Scale.
  • CORE Water Oxygen Scavengers actively bind dissolved oxygen ingress forming inactive soluble compounds.
  • CORE Water Oxygen Scavengers protect against oxygen attack at any given Boiler Feed Water temperature.


Boiler internals should be deposit and corrosion free.

Costs of poorly managed chemical control

  • Plant down time – unexpected Boiler Plant failure
  • Increased Running Costs – energy, water & carbon
  • Reduction in Boiler Plant efficiencies and reliability
  • Ongoing and uncontrollable maintenance costs 


What can you do if your boiler internals are scaled?

  • CORE Water offers online and offline Chemical Cleaning options designed to remove scale deposits from Boiler internals.
  • CORE Water offline Chemical Cleans will restore your Boiler to maximum operating efficiency immediately – Gas savings can be as high as 7%.
  • CORE Water offline Chemical Cleans can be arranged to fit in with Plant Shuts or long wk-end down times. 

CORE Water Management Solutions "always part of your savings not your costs"