Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems and Demineralisers

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most economical and common process used to treat large volumes of water.

It has several applications including:

  • Removing minerals from boiler water at power plants.

The water is boiled and condensed repeatedly. It must be as pure as possible so that it does not leave deposits on the machinery or cause corrosion. The deposits inside or outside the boiler tubes may result in under-performance of the boiler, bringing down its efficiency and resulting in poor steam production, hence poor power production at turbine.

  • It is also used to clean effluent and brackish groundwater.

The effluent in larger volumes (more than 500 cu. meter per day) should be treated in an effluent treatment plant first, and then the clear effluent is subjected to reverse osmosis system. Treatment cost is reduced significantly and membrane life of the RO system is increased.

Reverse Osmosis services

  • Brackish water and sea water plants
  • 2.5”, 4” and 8” membranes
  • Leading membrane brands supplier —Dow, Hydranautics, Koch, Seahan
  • Membrane cleaning and evaluation service
  • Design, build, installation and commissioning
  • Antiscalant chemicals
  • Membrane cleaners and sanitisers
  • Remote monitoring & plant control
  • High efficiency membranes
  • High recovery systems

Demineralisation/ Demineraliser Systems

  • Custom built twin column demineralisers
  • Flows up to 16m3/hr with higher flows on request
  • Mixed bed demineralisers
  • Selected cation and anion resins
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