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Water Minimisation

Water is becoming an ever increasingly scarce resource.  The old axiom that ‘you cannot manage what you cannot measure’ is very true in implementing water efficiency programs. Being able to measure where the water is being used through the installation of additional sub-meters and data loggers is the fundamental foundation of every successful water efficiency program.

CORE will work consultatively with our customers developing their WEMP (Water Efficiency Management Plans) and WaterMAP to review and evaluate water conservation efforts and adopt best practice measures.

CORE has been involved with a number of water re-use, recycle and water minimisation projects that include the following:

Typical Projects

  • Rainwater harvesting saving 60% on cooling tower make-up and boiler water feed.  (A 1m2 area of roof area will produce 1 litre of rainwater for every 1mm of rain.)
  • Upgrading chemical treatment programs on cooling towers promoting higher cycles of concentration saving 8% water usage and chemical savings.
  • Benchmarking water usage with like industries to promote and drive change introducing a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment of cooling tower bleed for other re-use applications including process and cleaning.
  • Involved in managing cooling towers and steam plants using Tertiary Treated Effluent (TTE) as a make-up source.
  • Identifying applications to substitute high quality water with lower (appropriate) quality water.
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