Chemical Water Treatment


Heating & Chilled Closed Loop Water Systems

Closed Loop Systems

  • are typically found in production plants &comfort cooling operations
  • are generally built into structures and the level of access is limited
  • have high repair costs due to their location and potential for disruption of services
  • risk extensive damage due to failure of piping if not maintained
  • operate with a low water loss (<10%annum on system volume) 

The Objectives of the Treatment Program

  • to support sound mechanical design
  • to inhibit corrosion on the various metals that arepresent
  • to prevent deposition of hardness salts and corrosion products
  • In the case of existing systems they should help to move deposits to allow the inhibitors to reach the system metal

Typically a sound treatment program has four functions -

  • Ferrous alloy inhibitors designed to protect mild steel
  • Yellow metal inhibitors designed to protect copper and alloys
  • Buffering Agents to control system pH
  • Dispersants to disperse solids

Well managed systems operate for very long periods without issue, if water losses occur & are unnoticed, severe corrosion & fouling can occur.

Cleaning can be achieved online by -

  • Relying on corrected treatment to slowly remove corrosion or scale and capture them by filtration of the circuit
  • On-line cleaning with surfactant/polymerto remove organic deposits and capture them by filtration of the circuit
  • On-line cleaning using elevated levels of phosphonate & polymer to remove corrosion product
Figure 1 - Example of Industrial plant CC. Heat is exchanged via cooling coils in Cooling Towers
Figure 2 - Brine Closed Circuit Beverage Plant

Figure 3 - Example of poorly maintained HW boiler, tubes completely failed, boiler retubed
Figure 4 - Critical equipment/heat exchange areas are nominated & coupon racks positioned

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