Health, Safety & Environment


Environmental Protection Policy

CORE Water Management Solutions (CORE) management team is committed to the delivery of our services in a manner that protects and conserves the environment through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Our Commitment

CORE recognises the importance of our environment and the need to protect our environment for now and future generation. Therefore we will: 

  • Comply with relevant state based environmental legislation and the requirements of ISO14000:2004 Environmental management system.
  • Aim to eliminate or minimise environmental related incidents.
  • Implement, monitor and review our environmental practices and systems and ensure our system continually improves through internal and external third party audits.
  • Work with our customers, suppliers, governments and the community to develop innovative solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, minimise the impacts from our operations and meet community expectations for a sustainable future.
  • Foster a work environment where the management of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.
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