Specialised Chemical Cleaning


Industrial Heat Exchangers

Employee and customer safety is our number one goal in any chemical cleaning exercise & we know that all injuries are preventable.

We continually train all Supervisors & Technicians to ensure a safe work environment each and every job will.



Recently AU$3.2M was saved in lost production at an Australian oil Refinery by effectively cleaning a Diesel rundown HE on line. All procedures, risk management tasks & equipment mobilisation were effected quickly by CORE once the option to online clean had been selected. 


The clean was carried out safely, quickly and in an effective manner with:

  • Four (4) acid shots, clean and flush steps required in a twelve (12) hour period because iron pick up was very rapid saturating the cleaning solution.


  • Mild Steel Coupons showed acceptably low metal loss over the duration of the clean
  • Temperature recovery across the HE water side was 15C avoiding the need for a complete unit shutdown.
  • All waste was neutralised and then carefully disposed of onsite over a period of two (2) weeks with no impact on the environment.  

All managed cleaning process’s begin with a plan –


Large multi pass HE can be effectively cleaned on or off line. BEFORE off cleaning appearance & after water blasting to remove as much deposit as possible.
The final step in any clean process is to passivate the HE metal surface so the HE gets back into service deposit free.
Different metallurgy HE’s require careful evaluation of the cleaning media to remove foulants specific to a particular plant.

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