Chemical Cleaning - Operating Costs

Do you want to reduce your operating costs?

  • CORE Water offers a full range of chemical cleaning consulting services tailored to fit the needs of each customer. 
  • We specialise in chemical cleaning of steam boilers, industrial heat exchangers, tanks, vessels and pipe work. 
  • Each job is unique; each is individually engineered and executed to safely accomplish the clients cleaning needs.
  • Industries we service include oil refining and petrochemical, utility, construction, co-generation, pharmaceutical and food and beverage.
Before chemical clean
After chemical clean

Advantages of chemical cleaning

  • Improved running costs – energy, water & carbon
  • Improvements in boiler plant efficiencies and reliability

What can you do if your Boiler Internals are Scaled?

CORE Water offers online and offline Chemical Cleaning options designed to remove scale deposits from Boiler internals.
CORE Water offline Chemical Cleans will restore your Boiler to maximum operating efficiency immediately – Gas savings can be as high as 7%
CORE Water offline Chemical Cleans can be arranged to fit in with Plant Shuts or long wk-end down times

CORE Water Management Solutions "always part of your savings not your costs"