Oxygen Removal for Boiler Water Treatment

Is Dissolved Oxygen destroying your Boiler? 

CORE Water chemical treatment programs aim to maintain deposit free heat transfer surfaces by providing protection against corrosion, oxygen attack and scale deposition.

CORE Water Oxygen Scavengers actively prevent dissolved oxygen ingress into BFW/boiler and condensate systems.

CORE Water Oxygen Scavengers/corrosion inhibitors protect against oxygen attack at any given Boiler Feed Water temperature e.g. Molybdenum is used as an inhibitor in low temperature/pressure/intermittent operation systems.

Did you know: Incorrectly managed Boiler Feed Water Tanks can allow oxygen levels of 2 – 7ppm directly into your Boiler – The image below shows the result of poorly managed Boiler Feed Water and incorrect chemical treatment, oxygen ingress weakened the boiler tube to a point of failure.


Costs of Oxygen Attack to Boiler Internals

  1. Plant down time – unexpected Boiler Plant Failure.
  2. Reduction in Boiler Plant efficiencies and reliability.
  3. Unexpected & premature replacement of damaged plant.
  4. Typical oxygen pit-fire tube boiler. 

Benefits to our Customers

  • Best Practice approach to Boiler Water Management
  • Comprehensive Softened, Boiler Feed Water & Boiler Water Testing Regime
  • Monitoring of your Boiler Feed Water temperature
  • Matching the performance of your Boiler Feed temperature to the correct Oxygen Scavenger

CORE Water Management Solutions "always part of your savings not your costs"