Boiler Water Management - Boiler Water Carryover

Can you guarantee the quality of your Steam?

  • CORE Water chemical treatment programs aim to maintain deposit free heat transfer surfaces by providing protection against corrosion and scale deposition.
  • CORE Water chemical treatment programs work in line with your mechanical pre-treatment infrastructure to ensure the best possible Boiler Feed Water for your Plant.
  • CORE Water treatment chemicals are dosed on proportion to flow resulting in the most efficient & cost saving Boiler Feed Water chemistry.
  • This allows chemical residuals to be maintained even if steam demand to the plant is altered.


Carryover can affect product quality & integrity, blocked super heater tube above.

Costs of poorly managed Boiler Water

  1. Plant down time – unexpected Boiler Plant failure.
  2. Reduction in Boiler Plant efficiencies and reliability.
  3. Increased energy, water & chemical usage.
  4. Ongoing and uncontrollable Maintenance costs.
  5. Contaminated feed leads to blocked steam drying equipment necessitating cleaning.


CORE Water Management Solutions "always part of your savings not your costs"